Production Assistant für Dreh in Ansbach gesucht, 24ter Januar bis 27ter Januar

My name is Brette Graber, I work for a television production company called Leopard Films in New York, on the show “House Hunters International.” We are coming to film in Ansbach on Friday 24th January through Sunday 27th January, and I am looking to hire a local Production Assistant/fixer for this shoot. I have been speaking with Juan Thomas Hartmann at the Bavaria Film Commission, who suggested that I reach out to you regarding this request, as I understand you are a professor of Film Studies, Multimedia, and Communication. I am wondering if you might know of any colleagues or students who would be interested in working with our crew on this shoot in Ansbach.

Just to give you some more information on the show, House Hunters International (HHI) is a family-friendly half-hour reality format program currently airing on the Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV). The concept of the show is to follow a couple or a family who has decided to move abroad. We film them during their property search and while they get settled into their new environment. Throughout the program we take viewers on an exciting search for a new home and new life abroad. We have successfully aired over 568 episodes featuring 124 different countries around the world and have been licensed to broadcast in 69 countries and territories.

Our dates for this shoot are:
Thursday 23rd January – Crew travels to Ansbach. We will need the Production Assistant to meet the crew at the airport, pick up the rental van, and drive them to their hotel. At the moment it looks like the crew will be flying into Nuremburg Airport.
Friday 24th January – Film Ansbach (12 hour day)
Saturday 25th January – Film Ansbach (12 hour day)
Sunday 26th January – Film Ansbach (12 hour day)
Monday 27th January – We will have a half day of filming and then the crew will travel home. We will need the Production Assistant to be on the shoot in the morning and then drive the crew to the airport and return the rental van.

The Production Assistant would be responsible for the following:
• Meeting crew at airport and adding themself as a driver to the hired minivan
• Driving hired production vehicle to transport crew between locations
• Suggesting places the crew can eat lunch or picking up lunch for the crew
• Assisting filling in paperwork
• Assisting with loading in equipment and setting up shots for director
• Taking still photographs
• Assisting the director and taking instruction from him/her

Unfortunately our budget for this shoot is very small and we are unable to afford a hotel room for our Production Assistant, and so whoever is interested in working this job would need to work as a local to Ansbach or live close enough to work as a local.

Please let me know if you might be able to recommend someone for this shoot, or if I should speak to someone else regarding this request.

Thank you in advance for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

Brette Graber

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