Invitation to Media-Class (WPM-A Media Art and the Environment) at Ansbach International Summer School

WPM-A Media Art and the Environment
2,5 ECTS
Block-week 14.-17.5.2018

The acoustic ecology of environments is critical to our experience of being present within them, but more often then not, it is ignored. In this class students will learn about acoustic ecology. We will explore and discuss how one listens and perceives the world around us. The course will introduce various modes of listening and field recording techniques (including both stereo and ambisonic sound recording and video). It will encourage the students to think more broadly about sound as material.

Students will also learn about the music of contemporary composers including John Cage and R. Murray Schafer and the various concepts and tools they used in order to create works. Art work that may include field recordings, Max/MSP programming and physical computing will be realized.



Garth Paine, Associate Professor of Digital Sound and Interactive Media, School of Arts, Media and Engineering, Arizona State University, USA
Sabine M. Feisst, Ph.D., Professor of Musicology, School of Music, Arizona State University, USA

The class is part of the Ansbach International Summer School.

Participants of this class may enroll to the Cultural Program of the Ansbach International Summer School. You will benefit a lot in intercultural knowledge, you will strengthen your english language skills, you will make use of your intercultural knowledge in peer2peer communication and you will have the opportunity to make friends with students from many countries abroad.

If interested in this class and probably in adding the cultural program, please get in touch with Armine Mirzojan at International Office of Ansbach University. She will tell you how to enroll and will be happy to answer further questions e.g. with respect to the eligibility of getting credit points for the successful participation in the cultural program.