Invitation to Media-Class (WPM-A Interactive Audiovisual Media) at Ansbach International Summer School

Invitation to Media-Class (WPM-A) at Ansbach International Summer School
WPM-A Interactive Audiovisual Media
2,5 ECTS
Block-week 14.-17.5.2018

Beginner / intermediate

In this workshop you will learn how to manipulate sound, music, image, and video using the visual programming language „Max/MSP/Jitter“. This includes an introduction to the visual programming environment designed for complete beginners. Using this programming environment we will create our own systems for making music, sounds, videos and „interactive“ systems. The construction of interactive systems will involve learning to use real-time inputs such as microphones and video cameras as sensors that can detect the activity of a user and respond with programmed outputs, e.g. music that responds to how fast you are dancing.


David Tinapple, Assistant Professor of Interactive Visual Media, School of Arts, Media and Engineering, Arizona State University, USA

The class is part of the Ansbach International Summer School.

Participants of this class may enroll to the Cultural Program of the Ansbach International Summer School. You will benefit a lot in intercultural knowledge, you will strengthen your english language skills, you will make use of your intercultural knowledge in peer2peer communication and you will have the opportunity to make friends with students from many countries abroad.

If interested in this class and probably in adding the cultural program, please get in touch with Armine Mirzojan at International Office of Ansbach University. She will tell you how to enroll and will be happy to answer further questions e.g. with respect to the eligibility of getting credit points for the successful participation in the cultural program.